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Hypnotized Funtom - (ricardo dias remix)

Released on the 21st November. Please use the link below for previews and downloads of the EP (TOTO034r).

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Club 69 - Muscles (ricardo dias remix)

muscles remixA remix for "Club 69 - muscles". It was released during 1998 on Twisted America; taken from the album "Club 69 - Style". Hear it below:

Old Skool Split - Loose EP

Loose EPBoth tracks were released on compilations. Later on, we released them as an EP for web purchase. Now available for download at a decent quality.

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Wondering (deadline mix)

wonderingThis track was released on 2000; taken from "Homeworks from Portugal" CD compilation.
It was released under a friends label named "Upfront records".

Promise EP

Promise EPAfter pt dreamz release (CD format), it was time for a promised EP ! Many thanks to Deep4Life for the given opportunity.

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Bica feelings

bica feelingsOriginally included in the "deeper side of the internet" LP sampler on Deep4Life.
Its arranged over a filtered loop, that resulted from a low quality edit I did back then. Also included in the mix, is a sampled voice as a tribute to the mentioned label.

Too bias

too biasThis track was released on 1998. It was included in "A fine portuguese selection" CD compilation.
Its a result of two factors: releasing under a friends label & messing with the orbit synth.

Dusty tracks

This set of tracks recollects some old tracks/ideas kept on drawer. They were recorded during 1996 ~ 1998 and the majority of the midi files are lost for ever. Below are the on-the-fly mixes recorded to tape. Let the good old times roll ...

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